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Influenced by the documentary lesson of Roberto Rossellini, in 1968 Piero Angela produced a series of documentaries entitled The future in space, on the theme of the Apollo program; during the filming carried out in the United States he also made numerous live connections for RAI on the occasion of the launch of the Saturn V carrier which brought the first astronauts to the moon. Then began a long activity of scientific disclosure that in the following years led him to produce numerous information transmissions including Destination Man (Destinazione Uomo) (ten episodes), From zero to three years (Da zero a tre anni) (three episodes), Where does the world go? (Dove va il mondo?) (five episodes), In the darkness of light years (Nel buio degli anni ) (eight episodes), Critical investigation of parapsychology (Indagine critica sulla parapsicologia) (seven episodes), In the cosmos in search of life (Nel cosmo all ricerca della vita) (five episodes). Starting from 1971 he hosted, for Rai 1, a series of scientific TV programs about astronomy, biology, global economy, parapsychology and others.