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In March 2018, the death of Elaine Herzberg by an Uber self-driving vehicle in Tempe, Arizona resulted in temporary pause to Uber's self driving vehicle testing. [127] According to police, the woman was run down by the Uber vehicle while attempting to cross the street, while the person in the vehicle was watching videos on her phone. [127] Uber pulled its self-driving cars off all public roads[128] and quickly reached a settlement with the victim's family. [129] There was disagreement among local authorities as to whether or not the car or the victim was at fault. [130] In December 2018, after receiving local approval, Uber restarted testing of its self driving cars, only during daylight hours and at slower speeds, in Pittsburgh[131][132] and Toronto. [133] In March 2019, Uber was found not criminally liable[134] by Yavapai County Attorney's Office for the death of Ms. Herzberg. The company changed its approach to self-driving vehicles after Herzberg’s death, inviting both Waymo and General Motors’ Cruise self-driving vehicle unit to operate vehicles on Uber’s ride-hailing network. [135]