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Back in the United States, Alan learns what Mr. Cushing had uncovered about the Sharpes prior to his death: Thomas's multiple marriages and Lucille's time in a mental institution. He travels to Allerdale Hall to rescue Edith. When Alan arrives, Lucille demands that Thomas kill him. By now, Thomas feels suffocated by Lucille, wants to leave all this behind, and has fallen in love with Edith. Wishing to protect her, he inflicts a non-fatal stab wound to Alan and hides him. Lucille forces Edith to sign a transfer deed granting the Sharpes ownership of her estate and also confesses that she was the one who murdered Edith's father. Edith stabs Lucille and attempts to flee. Thomas burns the transfers and tells his sister that they can leave the house and they can all be together but Lucille realises that he meant Edith will be with them as well. Upset and jealous that Thomas loves Edith (after he promised not to fall in love with any of his wives and only love Lucille) she kills him in a blind rage and then pursues Edith. Aided by Thomas's ghost, Edith kills Lucille with a shovel and silently says farewell to Thomas before he vanishes.