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In contrast to his flourishing professional life, Ferro's personal life was marked by ever increasing despondency. Convinced that he would have to give up his singing career if the truth about his sexuality were ever revealed, he kept family and friends at a distance, living alone in England. He was diagnosed with depression in 2008 and started taking antidepressants. In late 2009, he came close to taking his own life, going as far as to write a suicide note. [70] In early 2010 his desperation led him to break down and come out to his father, an event that inspired the title of his first book, Trent'anni e una chiacchierata con papà (Thirty years old and a chat with dad). This book, published in October 2010, contains most of his personal diaries, dutifully kept since his teenage years. [71] Its release was preceded by an interview with Vanity Fair in which he declared his homosexuality to the public. [72] The following year Ferro moved back to Italy to live closer to his friends and family. [73]