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Empire Chief was an 8,040 GRT tanker which was built by Palmers Ltd, Newcastle upon Tyne. Launched in 1897 as Montcalm for Beaver Line. Passed to Canadian Pacific Steamships in 1903 when Beaver Line was taken over. Requisitioned in 1914 by the Admiralty and converted to a dummy warship HMS Audacious. Intended use as a blockship in 1915 but later converted to a stores ship. To the British Shipping Controller in 1916 and converted to a tanker. Operated under the management of the Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Company and renamed Crenella. Torpedoed in November 1917 but managed to reach a port, subsequently repaired. Sold in 1919 to Anglo-Saxon Petroleum and then in 1920 to Runciman & Co but laid up. Sold in 1923 to C Neilson & Co, Norway and renamed Rey Alfonso. Converted to a whale oil depot ship. Sold in 1927 and renamed Anglo-Norse, flying the British flag. Sold in 1929 to Falkland Whaling Company. Rebuilt as a pelagic whaler in Gothenburg and renamed Polar Chief. Operated under the management of the South Georgia Company. Laid up in Tønsberg in September 1939. Escaped to UK before the German invasion of Norway. To MoWT and renamed Empire Chief. Aground on 16 January 1942 at Reykjavík. Refloated on 7 March 1942 and temporary repairs made. Towed to UK in May 1942. To Falkland Whaling Company in August 1946 and renamed Polar Chief. Arrived in April 1952 at Dalmuir for scrapping. Hulk towed to Troon in July 1952 for demolition.