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Turin brakes we were here chords

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Turin Brakes have often been compared to many of the new acoustic movement bands spawned in the late 1990s such as Elbow, Starsailor, and the Norwegian band Kings of Convenience, whose 2001 album entitled Quiet Is the New Loud is a helpful indicator of the band's first album. [citation needed] Each record, Turin Brakes try to change their sound. While the first album features a lot of acoustic guitar, Ether Song featured more electric guitar and was, in total, a lot darker. The third album Jackinabox can be seen as a combination of the first two albums, with some funk influences. [citation needed]. While Dark on Fire featured a bigger sound produced by Ethan Johns, 2010s Outbursts can be seen as a return to the sound of The Optimist LP. Turin Brakes formerly performed live as a 5-piece to achieve a full band sound, and were joined on stage (and often also in studio) by Rob Allum (drums), Phil Marten (keyboards) and Eddie Myer (bass). This has now been reduced to a 4-piece following Marten's departure, with Gale's guitar playing now being more prominent and more richly contributing to the live sound.